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PopOffsets is unique - the first project in the world that, simply and transparently, enables individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions by supporting family planning.

Our project recognizes the intrinsic links between increasing CO2 emissions, climate change and the world’s ever-growing population.

Research is indicating that investing in family planning is a cost-effective and permanent way of reducing CO2 emissions and climate change, compared with other technological fixes - and has many other environmental benefits, and no downsides.

What is PopOffsets?

What is PopOffsets?

PopOffsets helps people offset their carbon footprint by improving family planning provision in the UK and other countries.

What we do and how it works?

What we do and how it works

PopOffsets is the world's first project that offers to offset carbon dioxide emissions through the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial means - family planning.

Research, Certification and Accreditation

Research, Certification and Accreditation

Become 'carbon neutral' through our certification and support our campaign for accreditation.

PopOffsets and your Organization

PopOffsets and your organization

Our funded projects, unlike other offsetting projects, have no environmental downsides and provide long term benefits.

Sharing our world

Sharing our world

Population growth is a major contributor to global warming - and is set to grow by almost half in the next 40 years.

Your Questions Answered

Your questions answered

Find out more about the practical and ethical principles underpinning PopOffsets in our FAQ section.