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We provide both individuals and organizations with the ability to offset their carbon emissions.


There are over 150 carbon calculators currently on the web – all of them inaccurate simply because nobody can assess the speed that people drive, or how many people are on a particular bus or plane, etc.etc. The figures that we use are the average for a citizen of the country of residence and enable a person to make a decision of conscience (not science) to contribute to CO2 reduction.


While our on-line calculator for organizations is simple to use - and the economic and environmental case is irrefutable - the decision to offset carbon through PopOffsets requires vision and courage - but we believe that a sustainable future for generations to come requires organization to be brave now.

How much does it cost to offset 1 tonne of CO2?

There are three key issues:

Firstly – the calculation of carbon emissions:

We are not attempting to set an exact figure for your carbon emission calculations – not least because it’s practically impossible. To calculate how much CO2 each person emits we would need to know every nuance of their life – what they had for breakfast and how fast they drive in their car – this is clearly impractical for us and for any other carbon offset scheme. Nevertheless a multimillion dollar market exists in carbon offsets and we are simply, and uniquely, raising the issue of the carbon (and environmental) impact of growing populations. We have therefore chosen to use figures provided by the United Nations Development Program which shows each country’s CO2 emission divided by the number of people in that country - the discrepancy being that a country’s CO2 outputs include all industrial and commercial activity – even if the result of that production is not used in that country (e.g. cars made for export). So, until we have more comprehensive data, we are using a ‘carbon conscience’ approach – not a scientific approach.

Secondly – the effectiveness of family planning in reducing carbon emssions:

We acknowledge more work needs to be done to develop and refine the initial research in the report Fewer Emitters, Lower Emissions, Less Cost but, in simple terms, an ‘absent’ human (i.e. one whose birth has been avoided) cannot produce CO2 (nor can their ‘absent’ descendants). Family planning and education has been shown, through conclusive evidence, to slow down the pace of population growth and contribute towards national development. Conversely all other development programs are doomed to fail, ultimately, if human numbers, rich and poor, keep rising indefinitely.

Finally – the price of carbon offsetting through PopOffsets:

PopOffsets is a fundraising program that recognizes that a huge carbon offset market exists – whether we like it or not – and is a market that ignores family planning. We are attempting to focus attention on the clear viability of family planning as an essential and cost-effective part of the carbon reduction strategy of all countries, rich and poor. This approach avoids the so-called high tech solutions which, in themselves, have the potential to exacerbate other environmental problems.

We are not attempting to quantify CO2 savings through family planning – we acknowledge that more work needs to be done in this area.

We have used a figure of carbon offset priced at £10 per tonne (approximately $15 or €12) which we feel is realistic.

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"The idea that population growth guarantees a better life - financially or otherwise - is a myth that only those who sell nappies, prams and the like have any right to believe." - Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2001