PopOffsets Calculator

We provide both individuals and organizations with the ability to offset their carbon emissions.


There are more than 150 carbon calculators currently on the Web. They are all inaccurate simply because nobody can assess the speed at which people drive; how many people are on a particular bus or plane, and so on. The figures that we use are the average for a citizen of the country of residence and enable a person to make a decision of conscience to contribute to carbon dioxode reduction.

Individual's Calculator


The economic and environmental case for offsetting carbon emissions is irrefutable and our online calculator for organizations is simple to use, but the decision to offset through PopOffsets requires vision and courage. We encourage offsetting because we believe that a sustainable future for generations to come requires organizations to be brave now.

Organization's Calculator

We have used a figure of carbon offset priced at £10 per tonne — approximately $15 or €12 — which we feel is realistic.

We are not attempting to quantify reductions in carbon dioxide emissions through family planning. We acknowledge that more work needs to be done in this area.